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The Concise Oxford Companion to English Literature A new edition of the bestselling Concise Oxford Companion to English Literature, this wide-ranging compact guide to literature has been fully revised and updated.

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Now includes increased coverage of world literature. Indispensable for English students, teachers, and anyone else who loves literature. The Infinite Cosmos How big is the universe? Is it infinite? How did it begin and how might it end? Joseph Silk guides the reader through the frontiers of current research in cosmology, weaving together the latest theories and observations, and combining science with literary quotations and philosophical reflections on the vastness and wonder of our Universe.

The Body and Other Stories What if you were middle-aged and were offered the chance to trade in your sagging flesh for a much younger and more pleasing model? This is the situation in which one character in this collection of stories finds himself. Taking the plunge, he embarks on an odyssey of hedonism but soon has regrets.

Poetry Please: Love Poems Features poets from across the ages who lead us on a journey of love in its many forms. Time Out Time out is an interesting thematic development in the novels of Marita van der Vyver.

She had previously investigated the themes of love and being together eros , and then she worked with the death of a mother-in-the-text. Staan in die algemeen nader aan vensters In hierdie debuutbundel word die vier aparte leefruimtes van 'n sprekerstem poeties ontgin. Om die gedagte van geel Van een van die voorste digters in Afrikaans kom hierdie baie ongewone bundel.

Dit is gewy aan die son, wat hier in die verskillende gele van aarde en hemel besing word as die bron van lewe.

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Clear All. My Cart. You have no items in your shopping cart. Compare Products. Community Poll. Sissay was the first poet commissioned to write for London Olympics. Sissay describes dawn in one tweet every day. His Morning Tweets. It is the only building in the world built below a tweet. He was His career as a writer happened in spite of his incredible life story not because of it. He blogs openly for personal reasons.

Google Lemn Sissay and all the hits would be about him. There is only one Lemn Sissay in the world. The poet, performer, actress, presenter and producer Lebogang Mashile, the daughter of exiled South Africans, was born in the U. At the age of sixteen years she and her parents returned to their home country.

It was while she was studying law and international relations at Wits University in Johannesburg that the desire to work as an artist took hold of her. Mashile regards its expressive power as the most effective tool to bring about those changes in mental attitude that are needed in the aftermath of the socio-political changes in post-apartheid South Africa. Throughout its three seasons and seventy-eight episodes she introduced the viewers to the personal stories of a diverse cross section of South Africans and their relationships with their immediate surroundings.

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These insights were gained from her travels through South Africa. The series reached an audience of over two million households. Her lyrical and gutsy poems in the collection A Ribbon of Rhythm also speak about life in the new South Africa. In October of , Mashile wrote and performed in a cross-media and cross-generational collaboration with renowned choreographer Sylvia Glasser entitled Threads.

The show is now in its second season.

Get e-book Staan in die algemeen nader aan vensters (Afrikaans Edition)

In she was awarded the prestigious Noma Award for Publishing in Africa, the premier prize for African literature. Mashile lives in Johannesburg. Lara Kirsten is a pianist and performance poet. She balances the strict discipline of the art music with the writing and performance of her own poetry in Afrikaans and English. On occasion she combines her poetry with movement, visual art, photography and music.

This work consisted of eight poems which were performed in eight different rooms with dialoguing installation art, costume and movement. In she was commissioned to write and perform poetry for the 60th Anniversary of the Voortrekker Monument Pretoria, taking a strong view on what it is to be an Afrikaner today. In September of and she had the privilege to perform as pianist and poet in the Baxter concert hall in Cape Town. From to Lara has conceived and performed one-woman poetry happenings at the annual AfrikaBurn festival hosted in the Tankwa Karoo in the Northern Cape.

In she was invited to perform as pianist and poet at the McGregor Poetry Festival.

Onokemi Onojobi a. A performance poet and a musician. Onokemi is also an advocate against Child Sexual Abuse amongst other things. Her provocative voice has graced numerous stages in South African. Traces of her Past her debut album — working alongside Bongani Tulwana — is a recollection of the realities of being young, black and female.

Olumide Popoola is a London-based Nigerian German author, poet, performer and speaker who presents internationally, often collaborating with musicians or other artists. She has published fiction, drama, poetry and essays in magazines, journals, newspapers, memoirs and anthologies since She is currently a PhD candidate in Creative Writing at the University of East London for which she is working on a novel that expands on her interest in cross-genre work, and the notion of vernacular or hybrid languages as literary opportunities for social and cultural change. Her play Also by Mail was published in February by Witnessed edition assemblage.

The author of ten significant volumes of poetry, Mr. Ofeimun has also published two books of political essays, four books on cultural politics as well as editing two anthologies of Nigerian poetry. Widely anthologized and translated into many world languages, Mr.

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At home in Nigeria, Mr. The principled stand of Mr. Ofeimun came at the price of random invasion of his residence, seizure of his manuscripts, computer discs and Nigerian Passport to deny him freedom of movement. Undeterred, and while practicing probably the most dangerous vocation of all at the time, Mr. Ofeimun is the recipient of many awards the latest of which is the prestigious Fonlon-Nichols Award for literary excellence and propagation of Human Rights which was conferred on him by the African Literature Association in In a literary career spanning four decades, Mr.

Ofeimun has distinguished himself with poetry and essays which challenge both the imagination and the intellect, crossing cultural borders and establishing new benchmarks in the articulation of the African narrative. His essays are valued both for knowledge and analysis, for what to know and for how to think about what is known. Though only 62, Mr.

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For his copious literary output while engaged with anti-military rule struggle in Nigeria, Mr. Ofeimun has been called an exemplar of conscionable and consistent writing and the writerly life. Obii is an artist and an art lover. She has performed in major poetry events in Lagos and Calabar, Nigeria. She works as a copywriter, and in April , she was recognised for her work with a Cannes Young Lions Award for Design.

She also dabbles in photography. He was brought to the city of Toronto, in Canada while still very young. It was here that the adult Osaze would be awakened: to the reality of his Afrikan identity, an appreciation of Afrikan history and the validity of Afrikan spirituality. Thus inspired, he has been performing at community events, spoken word and poetry readings, and concerts since He is currently the president of Baro Dununba, a Toronto based music ensemble and philanthropic organization.

In he released his first book entitled, Rebirth of the Warrior Poet. She is a Word-smith; a writer currently working on her first book, her work have been published locally and inter-nationally. She also performs her written works at the Free-dom Hall, Bogobiri, Ikoyi, in Lagos- Nigeria— where people from all over come to see her. She is an up-coming Jazz singer as well, who has performed to a standing ovation at the prestigious Terra Kulture during the Jazz forum which took place in the last quarter of She has a blog called The Path of Faith which is fast gaining popularity.