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  1. Questions To Ask And 24 Specific Guidelines For Your Daughter’s Boyfriend
  2. My Daughter's Boyfriend - PDF Free Download
  3. Dear Coleen: My daughter’s boyfriend is awful to her and it’s breaking my heart
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Questions To Ask And 24 Specific Guidelines For Your Daughter’s Boyfriend

About a year into their relationship, my daughter discovered that she was pregnant. My heart sunk, not because I didn't want a grand-child, but because I knew she hadn't planned it and I knew she was too kind to ever consider an alternative to keeping it. Her boyfriend approached me one evening shortly after the pregnancy was announced, with a bottle of whiskey and asked if we could talk.

I accepted the offer and we sat down and had a drink together. He confessed that he was scared to have a child but how he had already started saving money and how he'd started looking for a job. He explained how he knew that he wasn't good enough for my daughter but that he loved her with all of his heart and wanted to support her in her choice - even if that meant throwing away his music dreams.

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I will admit, we both got very drunk and ended up getting along well. This boy I had first judged was actually a very nice, warm gentleman who simply wanted the best for my daughter and their future child. That was good enough for me, so I invited him to live with us and got him a job working at the same hospital I work for. Today, I have two grand-children and my daughter and future son-in-law are getting hitched next weekend. My father-in-law was really touchy around me, and you could see he wasn't really sure about the interloper in his daughter's life.

I took him to a baseball game, and we got along alright, but he was still edgy. Afterwards, we were talking in his office when I noticed he had an Eagle Scout badge framed. I asked him what he did for his Eagle project, and we started talking, and I mentioned I was also an Eagle Scout.

My Daughter's Boyfriend - PDF Free Download

You could see his whole idea of me change almost instantly. He put in his Christmas letter that he approved of me dating his daughter, and we're now married with two kids and a third on the way. My youngest son has a type of congenital myopathy that makes him very weak. While he can walk, he can't run or jump and falls down a lot.

Needless to say he finds this very humiliating he is We were at a restaurant and my son was standing next to me with untied shoelaces. Unfortunately he tripped and, due to his weakness, could not catch himself, crashing heavily to the ground in the middle of a crowded restaurant. My daughters boyfriend, without missing a beat, immediately lay down next to him on the floor and asked him "how is it going down here" and otherwise made some small talk to ease some of my son's embarrassment. After only dating a couple months, my girlfriend and her parents went on a group vacation with my family due to a couple dropping out last minute.

After only a few interactions, I find myself eating oysters and doing shots of tequila with her father on a beach in the Dominican. He comes right out with, "I hope these oysters aren't putting too much lead in your pencil since you're sharing a room with my daughter. He follows that up with, "don't worry, I know she is a sexually active woman. She gets her looks from her mother and her sex drive from me.

M y daughters boyfriend has done quite a few things to make me hate him, firstly my daughter. I'd say my GF father likes me. The first time I met him I was driving over to pick up my GF to go to the movies. I roll into the driveway and the garage door was open and inside was a '69 Mustang, parts strewn everywhere and a oil covered, greasy, and thoroughly pissed off man underneath said car.

He was trying to get something unbolted but was struggling to hold the part and operate the ratchet at the same time. I made note of said struggle and jumped underneath to help him. I figured I would give him a hand, then get up and meet my girlfriend and head out. But, we ended up getting along pretty well and I had lost track of time and before I knew it 2hrs had past.

During this time, my girlfriend came out to find me working with her dad underneath this car and she just let it be and brought us some sandwiches and sweet tea. She was more than happy to skip the movie date because she saw I was enjoying myself and her dad was enjoying the help.

The boyfriend did chores without being asked. Hard to hate a boy who does the chores. My daughter has depression.

Dear Coleen: My daughter’s boyfriend is awful to her and it’s breaking my heart

She's always been the black sheep of the family; the one daughter closer to me than their mom. She'd rather lay around and listen to Metal than go out with her sisters, and would rather go on a hike than shopping. Still, sometimes she does and wants things that I just don't get. I think a lot of the quirks come from the depression, and that's just hard to deal with sometimes. And it means she has needs, and it takes a special kind of person to deal with that correctly.

She's my little girl, and I want only the best for her. So then here comes this scruffy-faced, long-haired kid. When you talk to him you feel like you're talking to Plato in the flesh, but his school performance is less than stellar. He has a terrible work ethic, as far as I can tell. He was smart, but I just felt like he was destined to have no real-world success whatsoever. But I paid attention, because my daughter's not stupid, and I figured that there must be some reason she chose this guy.

He gets her, and damned if it doesn't seem almost supernatural sometimes. She can be having a very bad day with the depression, but not long after she's with him she's laughing.

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  5. And it's obvious he loves her, just from the way he talks to her, and looks at her - not in a lustful way, but in a caring way. I asked "Why him? She said that even when they first met, she could talk to him for hours and hours without getting tired at all, like she did with most people after a few minutes. They have this "dynamic" about them as well. She's practical and straightforward, with her feet on the ground. He's thoughtful and abstract, head in the sky.

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    Together, they seem to keep each other in line. In fact, the whole way they operated reminded me of an old married couple. And there's something just so damned likeable about the guy. You get a sense of honesty, integrity, and a healthy dose of idealism when you talk to him. He talks about how he wants to make the world a better place, and just by the way he says it you almost believe that he really could. So maybe against my better judgement, he got my seal of approval. My daughter wouldn't be happy with a someone practical, really.

    She needs someone like that, he makes her happy, and I think that's best for her. A friend of mine posted a pic on Facebook and in the picture was this girl. I ended up getting her added on Facebook. We got to talking and I admitted that when we were children she was my first crush. We laughed and she said she used to like me to.