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Of the 46 people questioned on Monday by Judge Brian M. Cogan, 17 were dismissed, most of them because they said they could not be fair to Mr. Guzman or because the long trial would cause a financial hardship. Security was exceedingly tight.

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The courthouse was guarded by marshals, local court officers, a bomb-sniffing dog and a heavily armed tactical team of New York City police officers. Precautions like these apparently unnerved one potential juror, who admitted that the prospect of deciding Mr. She added that she knew that Mr. Transcription Translation English Spanish. I have been an administrative assistant at a doctor's office for 3 years, and an attorney's office for one year.

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I am very comfortable transcribing and translating from English to Spanish or Spanish to English. Martha M. I am a practicing attorney and professional translator with over 6 years experience.

'El Daily Stormer': Neo-Nazi Website Now in Spanish, Too | Voice of America - English

Griselda A. At the moment my experience level is minimal. Although I have been a translator basically my entire life. I was born and raised in the U. I was also raised in a Hispanic household when I learn to speak Spanish. I have now received my bachelors degree in Spanish and have learned to perfect my writing and speaking in Spanish.

One of my main skills would be cultural knowledge. I have also spent a lot of time in Mexico; which has helped me understand the colloquial language.

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My skills also Ada A. USA born, but Salvadoran raised I have gone to college in both countries and understand dialects and references from all around the world. I love to to practice and learn new languages. I have only perfected Spanish and English, but I consider myself an advanced Portuguese reader and Japanese speaker. I joined the military when I turned 21 years old, and loved every second of it. Angeline K. I am fluent in both Spanish and English as I grew up speaking both languages my whole life. I am a graduate of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in Hospitality Management and I have experience with eCommerce product translations, email translations, and customer service in Spanish and English.

I am currently looking for part-time or project based translation opportunities but if the job is right would be intersted in full-time opportunities as well. I am detail oriented, good with deadlines, and can have a fast turnaround time for most projects. Olivia Teacher and Translator English Spanish. I'm a skilled teacher and translator with over twenty years of experience in both English and Spanish. I've done translation services for commercial enterprises as well as non-profit organizations.

I've taught courses in Literature and History and have an extensive background in working with ESL students.


I look forward to using my skills to help further your goals. Please don't hesitate to contact me. Best regards, Olivia Meneses. Hiram G. I am a Spanish native speaker and freelance translator on Upwork. Throughout my life I have been exposed to the many beautiful varieties of styles the Spanish language can be spoken in and written down in. I am highly proficient in translating from Spanish to English and vice versa both in written and spoken forms. It is of my utmost priority to deliver quality services to all my clients no matter how big or small the task at hand.

I appreciate the opportunity to help those in need of my services. Ulyses M. I have worked as computer technician for almost 15 years.

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However, this was my hobby. I have also entertained other talents within computers like video and audio editing, math tutor, Spanish tutor and Spanish-English translator for clients in different environments. I am a native Spanish speaker. I feel proud to know that I know how to correctly write and spell my language.

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I'm always open to criticism without hard feelings. One of the characteristics that has been noticed on me is the attention to detail and scrutiny to make what I do count every time. I like computers, music, play guitar, capoeira, fitness, video and audio editing, photogra Jessica S.

I am a multilingual translator fluent in both English and Spanish, and I also have seven years of experience speaking French and Haitian Creole. I do most of my translating at work between staff and management as well as at home. I am also skilled at transcribing and am able to type words per minute. I have a passion for PowerPoint presentations and presentation design. I am also a photographer, having worked with local arts organizations in my community. I have worked with a variety of mediums such as painting, sculpture, and performance, so I am skilled at adapting to many forms of expression.

Maribel M. Im some cases companies, offices, stores or any place don't have a bilingual employee, we probably know the language but is more comfortable talk in our native language to understand better and feel in confidence. Jonilyn B. August I am a 19 year old College student born in the Philippines and raised in the United States. I am fluent in Tagalog a native spoken language in the Philippines.

I am literate in Spain and Mexican Spanish as a result of my ancestry. I also have the ability to speak Korean due to being around the Korean culture here in the United States. I am currently working for a fast food chain as an extra source of income for college. I am able to write 1, word essays in less than an hour. I also graduated 93rd out of students in my high school class.

Want to browse more freelancers? Sign Up Sign Up. Last updated: Nov 21, In a joint statement, Foreign Minister Marcelo Erbrard and Attorney General Alejandro Gertz said they agreed that the attack in El Paso was an act comparable to terrorism against Mexican citizens abroad. They added that the foreign ministry had provided all available information to the attorney general's office so the latter could decide on the next course of legal action. The ministry also issued a separate statement expressing the Mexican government's gratitude for the support of the international community after the shooting.

The foreign ministry said that these expressions demonstrated a "broad, profound and forceful rejection of violence, intimidation and hate speech" and reiterated the Mexican government's intention to "undertake a series of legal, diplomatic and protection measures to guarantee justice, as well as to protect the rights of Mexican communities in the United States. Earlier on Tuesday, Ebrard had expressed his concern that the perpetrator of the shooting in El Paso could be linked to a network of white supremacists willing to commit similar attacks.