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It seems to work very well for hyper dogs
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Not to mention we should take into consideration the people who are neither or both, that is, cat people or dog people There is also another factor. What our support system is, what our emotional life with humans is like.

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Not to mention that just like in couples, people might go for the species whose behavior is more alike, OR opposite, and is attractive because it is opposite, precisely. Too many factors into play, depending on age, situation of the person, emotional life, emotional health, general emotional needs met and unmet, preferences when choosing FRIENDS or people to be around not necessarily linked to how we are, it is about what traits we prefer around I agree. I'm an INFP, and although I like cats and enjoy cuddling up with them whenever they're around, my preference for my furry family is a dog.

Yet the breeds I prefer: Malamute, Akita, Shiba Inu, Anatolian, and Great Pyrenees to name a few, all tend to be highly intelligent so much so, that they're accused of being stupid because they can't be trained like other breeds , independent, and generally form strong bonds with only one person. Thanks, Kim. I had no idea Grumpy was a girl. My apologies to Grumpy.

My envy of her is clearly quite superficial since I didn't do a lot of research This is really interesting, what about people who would describe themselves as both cat and dog people? I've had frogs, turtles, newts, lizards, a snake and more these were my daughter's as well as dogs and cats and fish so I'd love to say something hugely wonderful about my personality but can't find any research to back that up Oh well With people that have both, what does that mean? Does it mean they are democratic, lol? I don't have a problem with either party, whatever is best is all that matters.

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A shame to choose sides. I tend to find that people who love cats love all animals, but people who primarily love dogs, don't tend to like cats - reinforcing "cat people" being more open-minded and liberal. As a liberal dog person i would hypothesise that the majority of conservatives are dog people, not because of dominance or control - but rather predictability. Conservatives like tradition and things to be 'as they should be' where as liberals don't mind a bit of chaos as long as people and animals can excersise a bit of freedom. They value freedom over order, predictability and tradition.

Cats are totally unpredictable and do thier own things. Where as dogs are totally reliable, loyal and in this sense less chaotic. Thier loyalty and affection is a given. Your point is well-taken. I wrote this relying on research but it's clear too that dogs can also be status symbols and are used as a way of declaring who you are in a public way. This is especially true of dog breeds, I think.

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Owning a Boxer makes one statement; owning a Lab another. Some people own relatively rare breeds as another kind of statement. When pit bulls mauled a young Gay woman to death, the residents were more concerned about the dogs. I am a dog person and I would have been more concerned with the dogs over the mauled woman because I care more for dogs than Humans other tha close friends and family and my dogs are family I own a labrador and I consider myself more on the right side or conservative side.

I think cats are nice and all but dogs are my favorite animal on earth. Most dogs would give their life for their human now you can't say many humans would do that for another human. Dog people think nothing of using other people's property as a toilet for their animals while keeping their own, upper middleclass yards pristine As a person who lives in an upper middle class area will a lot of free ranging pet cats, I see those little guys going to the toilet on my lawn and the lawn of my neighbors.

It's funny to me how cat people seem to look the other way when its their animal of choice doing the same thing on people's property.

CAN'T HUG EVERY CAT - Songify This (a song about loving cats)

The article seems to be written only partially. I would've enjoyed the other half.

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  • Guess there is much more to explore here Hi Christina, No, this was actually finished. But your point is well-taken and maybe I'll do another piece! I'm more of a cat person, and each of my cats I've had two, but they were close in age, and passed away from old age several years ago now had their own personality.

    My girl cat was more dog-like willing and able to learn tricks, protective of me and our home, understood what "no-no" means, would come when called, etc. Neither of my cats was ever as obedient as most dogs are, or as sociable with other cats as a lot of dogs are with other dogs, but, they both were affectionate and charming companions for me.

    I miss them. If I ever get another pet, it will probably be another cat. I mean us, I mean the people without pets. I just love to travel, that's all. I'm allergic to cats and I had a dog for a year, he was a puppy getting ready to be a helper dog. I took that job because it was only for a year and I love to travel. Did I mention travelling?

    See, there are good reasons for not having pets. There is also a large population of people who prefer to have dogs as pets to cats due to the detrimental effects cats have on wildlife when they wonder outside the house. Was this factor considered in the research??? Dog person here. I think this analysis is wrong. The cat people I know are colder, more superficial, and more into dominance hierarchies in relationships, which is why my two attempts to date cat-men have failed so miserably. My fellow dog people and smartypants liberals are, like me, more open and giving in relationships and less tolerant of mistreatment from others.

    Only gay men or men with gay tendencies have cats. It's no wonder you weren't successful dating what you refer to as "cat men", think about it.

    Yeah, you're definitely the guy who tries too hard. Submissive, got beat up in school. You protest too much. Cat men are not gay men man. Real men and women do have lovely greeting cats and just because someone has a cat or dog doesn't mean they have to go on dates some people are just picky snobs.

    Really dude? I am a full on cat person and definitely into women only, lol. I've grown up around cats all my life. Can't understand why people are so judgmental these days. Dog people I've found are very insecure and shallow about themselves whereas cat people know how dumb the human race can be and don't want anything to do with it Wow, you got all of that from Fluffy and Fido? The research study is just a generalization of the U.


    Cat Lovers: A Story Just For You

    I think we, people, can tend to generalize based on our own personal experience sometimes. There's a term that describe your way of thinking in Statistics. Unfortunately, I don't remember the term, unless I open my digital Statistics book again, and look for the word. Although, there seems to be some truth and interesting personality differences in the results of this study, which seems to confirm my own personal observation, I don't encourage anyone to stereotype people. Most people probably don't even like to be stereotyped. And there are also people who have cats and dogs who don't fall under either dog people or cat people category.

    I always considered myself a dog person even though I'm pretty liberal :D but I have learned to love cats. I would have loved to have pets, but as a single mom of three kids, it was hard enough to find an affordable place for us, nevermind finding a landlord that allows pets.

    My Snip-girl Maltese died a couple of years a go and since then my son's cat started to reach get into my bed. A strange thing again happened. The moment he "sees" I am fine This type of behavior is especially at night. In my opinion , its true to some extent that reflection of personality depends on the pet who are with us.

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    I have seen many persons who are cat persons and are also cool in behaviour and intelligent. Many of friends too share their Selfies with their cat on social media like whatsapp and put their cool. Many of friends too share their Selfies with their cat on social media like whatsapp and put their cool whatsapp status about their pet and looks like they enjoy their life with their cats and it feels that they are enjoying the beauty of the world with their cats and its always interesting to see everyone's love status on instangram profile.

    Just a fun idea. I agree, being a cat or dog person will reveal a little about your nature and behavior.

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    Generally, people who are suspicious and wary they fond of cats and it's completely different than a person loving dogs. I enjoyed reading this part of your research and while comparing it in my real life, I found it completely true. Being a cat or dog person there is a big responsibility that added to your daily life, may be this is the reason why few people don't like to have pets.

    Yes, the responsibility is to take care of their pets and it is not an easy thing at all. Animals are sensitive enough and easily get victim to disease hence taking good care of them is important. Animal Hospital chatsworth. Also, just for the record, most people who insist you not wear shoes in their home are simply aware of how unclean shoes can be.

    How to Get a Cat to Like You

    I am a pure cat guy with 3boys and 3girls all different breeds. I read some where cats don't greet well that person is wrong mine do to me. If a person owns a dog or other animal I would never call them a gay or a qweer just because they have a different animal than mine I'm not that type of guy who would say junk like that. I say if you like your dog or cat good.